Wharton’s 225+ professors are among the largest and most published business school faculty, with a breadth and depth of expertise. Ideas from their research translate into practice – and inform global business practice and public policy.

Faculty-Student Ratio

With our highly selective student community and largest business school faculty, you have one of the best faculty/student ratios of any leading doctoral programs: 225 standing faculty for 160 graduate students. So, you have more opportunities to work with a wider range of professors — mentors who challenge you to high standards and to develop your own new ideas.

Practical Research

At Wharton’s research centers and initiatives, faculty apply their expertise to help solve real-world problems. Many of these projects take shape on the ground, with activities ranging from programs for societal wealth creation in Africa to platforms for leveraging digital content with industry partners.

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Our faculty’s diverse research agendas encourage you follow new ideas that go across boundaries — not just at Wharton but also at Penn’s other globally renowned graduate and professional schools. At Penn, you find unparalleled opportunities to work with leading faculty in such disciplines as law, engineering, medicine, economics, sociology, psychology, and mathematics.

Faculty Strength by Department*

18 Accounting
18 Business Economics & Public Policy
44 Finance
11 Health Care Management
18 Legal Studies & Business Ethics
43 Management
28 Marketing
23 Operations & Information Mgmt.
8 Real Estate
20 Statistics
*These numbers represent standing faculty only. Not reflected are associated faculty who bring specialized knowledge and industry experience into the classroom.

Faculty Mentor Profiles

Alison Wood & Prof. Schweitzer on their collaboration

Apprenticeship Model
Doctoral student Alison Wood on her relationship with Operations & Information Management Professor Maurice Schweitzer, which she describes as an “apprenticeship.”

Shimul Melwani & Prof. Barsade on research possibilities

Unique Research Focus
Doctoral student Shimul Melwani on coming to study with Management Professor Sigal Barsade, one of the world’s leading experts in the field of emotions research.

Andrew MacKinlay & Prof. Roberts on finding your path

Range of Options
Doctoral student Andrew MacKinlay on finding his niche at Wharton after switching programs and working with Finance Professor Michael Roberts.

Amit Bhattacharjee & Prof. Reed on the co-creation of knowledge

Co-Creating Knowledge
Marketing Professor Americus Reed on co-creating knowledge with doctoral student Amit Bhattacharjee — a collaboration that continues to yield ideas and opportunities.