Programs of Study

Each of our nine programs gives you access to world-renowned faculty whose expertise spans a broad range of business knowledge and disciplines. You might be surprised to discover what kind of research our faculty and students pursue, and how you can apply it.

Explore Our Academic Programs

Visit each site to learn what our faculty and students are doing and publishing, as well as details about specific requirements for each program.

Becoming an Academic Thought Leader
Wharton faculty encourage doctoral students to explore new ideas that span a broad range of business knowledge and often cross disciplinary boundaries. PhD students share their individual research interests and their pursuit to “create knowledge.”

How the PhD Program Works

While the program in each discipline has individual requirements, Wharton’s PhD program generally consists of two years of classes followed by research. Here’s how it works.

Academic Policies

PhD is an academic research degree awarded by the Graduate Council of the Faculties of the University of Pennsylvania. Here are the rules and policies set by Penn.