Wharton’s PhD program in Management is flexible and interdisciplinary, applying rigorous social science theory and research methods to management problems. It offers specializations in Entrepreneurship, Human and Social Capital, Multinational Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, and Strategy.


Wharton’s Management program prepares students to apply rigorous social science disciplinary theory and research methods to the demands of current management and leadership challenges in the public and private sectors. Our faculty has a broad range of interests ranging from the behavior of individuals, teams and groups to organizational strategy of multinational firms. Major areas of faculty research currently include:

  • new venture formation, growth, and corporate entrepreneurship;
  • human resources and competitiveness;
  • emotions, identity, creativity and motivation;
  • political and social influence strategies;
  • technology and practice adoption, diffusion, and transfer within and across organizations;
  • organizational learning and adaptation;
  • and the strategic management of complementary resources and capabilities within an organization, alliance, network or ecosystems.

Each student draws on the faculty’s diverse expertise and varied interests to develop a program uniquely suited to his or her interests frequently spanning the formal specializations noted above. The program encourages students to gain research experience by working closely with multiple faculty on a variety of projects beginning with a research assistantship assignment in the first year with the hope of entering the job market in year 4 or 5 with multiple research papers in the publication pipeline.

For information on courses and sample plan of study, please visit the University Graduate Catalog.

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Management Program Doctoral Coordinator
Prof. Exequiel (Zeke) Hernandez
Max and Bernice Garchik Family Presidential Associate Professor of Management
Phone: (215) 746-1984

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