Wharton’s doctoral program in Accounting takes a multidisciplinary approach (including economics, operations management, and statistics) to meet the needs of today’s complex markets, integrating finance and economics with broader perspectives on organizational issues and the corporate regulatory environment.


The Accounting PhD program trains students to do rigorous research in accounting, a specialized area of financial economics. The program is highly analytical and quantitative. We look for strong undergraduate preparation in microeconomics and mathematics, while some prior accounting or finance training at the undergraduate or graduate level is an advantage. Institutional understanding of how accounting information is used by capital market participants and/or within firms is useful and best obtained through relevant work experience, but is not required of applicants.

Close working relationships with faculty members provide an excellent learning experience while at Wharton and can continue throughout the student’s career. Our program provides students with opportunities to interact with faculty and get started on relevant research early in the program. Required research elements include the accounting workshop colloquium, the first-year research assistantship, and the first and second year summer research papers.

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Accounting Program Doctoral Coordinator
Prof. Luzi Hail
Stephen J. Heyman Professor of Accounting
1329 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6365
Phone: (215) 898-8205

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