Wharton Doctoral Student News

Wharton PhD students are doing amazing things in the classroom, in the lab, and in the research community. Keep up with news of their activities and achievements here.

Wharton PhD Candidate, Stuart Craig, wins NIHCIM Research Award

Fourth year Health Care Management and Economics PhD student, Stuart Craig, has recently won the 25th Annual Research Award administered by the National Institute of Health Care Management. This award recognizes outstanding published research that advances the public policy debate or improves health care delivery and management. Craig received this recognition by co-authoring the paper ...Read More

2018 Baker Retailing Center PhD Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our PhD students, Park Sinchaisri, Caitlin Gorback, Celia Gaertig, and Edward Chang on receiving the Baker Retailing Center PhD Research Grants for 2018!  Click here to read more about the recipients’ research.  Read More