Health Care Management & Economics

Wharton’s PhD program in Health Care Management and Economics provides an interdisciplinary health services research focus applicable across private and public sectors.


The program combines intensive training in health care systems and health services research with advanced training in a traditional business discipline.

Our program provides thought leadership and policy development in the following areas of distinction:

  • Value of technology and innovation
  • Health insurance design and reform
  • Design and impact of incentives in numerous health industry contexts
  • Competition and collaboration across the value chain
  • The broad interprofessional/multidisciplinary work of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics

Wharton’s doctoral program is unique among similar programs because it provides a strong background in microeconomic theory, an advanced teaching of econometric and statistical techniques, a comprehensive analysis of both health economics and health care services research, and grounding in management/strategy theory and research. The doctoral program complements the course work with numerous opportunities to collaborate with faculty members in research projects exploring a wide variety of topics in the health economics and management fields.

For more information on courses and sample plan of study, please visit the University Graduate Catalog.

Disciplinary Clusters

The purpose of the disciplinary cluster is to equip candidates to conduct research in their areas of choice and to teach in fields in addition to Health Care Management and Economics. The courses may be drawn from the following clusters:

  • Economics/Public Management
  • Operations and Information Management
  • Statistics/Epidemiology
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Policy and Management

Student Involvement in the Department

Students participate in faculty-supervised projects as research fellows, starting in the second year of the program. This work provides first-hand knowledge of research methods and design and often furnishes the basis for a dissertation topic. It also teaches students the art of securing funding for research, which is important for any aspiring health services researcher. Students are also expected to participate in the Leonard Davis Institute’s Research and Policy Seminar Series, which feature external speakers working on cutting-edge health services research projects and policy issues. In addition to regular seminars, all PhD students are expected to participate in the department colloquium, which features discussion of research in progress by faculty members, students, and guests.

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Health Care Management and Economics Program
Doctoral Coordinator
Prof. Claudio Lucarelli
Associate Professor of Health Care Management
Phone: (215) 898-2837

Associate Director
Joanne Levy

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