Wharton Stories: Business Education & Evolution

Founded by two professors and Wharton alumni, The Tenure Project is on a mission to help more underrepresented junior business faculty receive tenure across the country.

Closing the Tenure Gap for Business Faculty of Color

Since 2012, IDDEAS@Wharton has been a pathway for undergraduate students of all backgrounds to enter the world of business research.

Building a Diverse Pipeline for Business Faculty

Pursuing a joint degree in marketing and psychology, doctoral student Arthur Lee has also plugged in to a “rare network” that bridges neuroscience and business through Wharton’s Neuroscience Initiative.

How This Doctoral Student Is Exploring the Nexus Between Business and Brain Science

Some of the brightest minds in business — and business school — shared these words of wisdom, and they’re not just for new grads.

The Most Inspiring Quotes from Wharton’s 2018 Graduation Speeches

“One of the big things is just recognizing when it’s an ethical issue, not just a business issue. I want to give (my students) the ability to recognize the ethical issues and have a framework for analyzing them.”

From Tom Brady to Philly’s Soda Tax: Prof. Diana Robertson Brings Real-World Business Ethics into the Classroom

Doctoral coordinators at Wharton outline a few things students should know about a career in business academia and research.

Is an Academic Career for You?

“As an academic, you’re an entrepreneur of ideas. I’m constantly developing new ideas, putting them out there, and seeing how the market reacts. Do I get people interested? Do I affect people’s lives?”

Prof. Nancy Rothbard on the Interactions of Work and Life and Her New Role as Management Chair

Mauro Guillén Takes His Sustainable Energy Auction Course to Amsterdam Global Forum

“I love that Wharton students all come in with business experience. I say that I’m going to be the expert in economics and you’re going to be the expert on applications to the business world. We’re going to bring those together.”

Prof. Corinne Low Teaches Business Principles to Wharton MBAs and Zambian 8th Graders

Wharton Doctoral Programs Vice Dean Catherine M. Schrand started a career as an accountant until she realized she wanted to be analyzing data, not auditing it.

How a Passion for Solving Problems Became an Academic Career for Prof. Catherine Schrand