Wharton Stories: Video

Some of the brightest minds in business — and business school — shared these words of wisdom, and they’re not just for new grads.

The Most Inspiring Quotes from Wharton’s 2018 Graduation Speeches

Prof. Nancy Rothbard and doctoral candidate Julianna Pillemer discuss their research collaboration on potential conflicts between workplace friendships and organizational goals.

Managing the Dark Side of Workplace Friendships

Doctoral candidates and departmental coordinators at the Wharton School outline a few tips to help you navigate the PhD application process.

How to Prepare a Strong PhD Application

In this Wharton Scale School workshop, our expert panel offers recommendations on how companies can address the challenges of multiple products and product managers.

Beyond the Core: How to Become a Multi-Product Company

“As an academic, you’re an entrepreneur of ideas. I’m constantly developing new ideas, putting them out there, and seeing how the market reacts. Do I get people interested? Do I affect people’s lives?”

Prof. Nancy Rothbard on the Interactions of Work and Life and Her New Role as Management Chair

“By working with great professors, I can see firsthand how it all works, what they do day-to-day, and model myself after them.”

PhD Student Talks About the Diverse Skill Set You Need to Become a Professor

“Wharton is a good place for learning what it is to be an academic – a member of the finance and economics community – and what that entails. As you’re here longer, you’re working more with faculty, side by side.”

How Mentorship Enables the Transition from PhD Student to Research Colleague

“Resources are something that often PhD programs lack, but at Wharton it really enriches us and makes us better able to do research.”

This PhD Student Found the Resources and Expertise at Wharton to Conduct Ground-Breaking Research

“If you dream up something and think of a good way to test it, there are plenty of funds, plenty of people to work with or consult, and faculty with great relationships and tremendous resources. For anything you want done, there’s a way to get it done here.”

Why This PhD Student Says Wharton Makes It Easy to Be Successful