Wharton Stories: Alumni

“I used to not believe in core values — until we picked ones we believed in and operationalized them. They work if they’re real.”

How an Award-Winning Marketing Firm Fosters Work/Life Balance

Some of the brightest minds in business — and business school — shared these words of wisdom, and they’re not just for new grads.

The Most Inspiring Quotes from Wharton’s 2018 Graduation Speeches

Though the keynotes and fireside chats were long-planned, speakers seized the moment and took on the timeliest issues and headlines in business, geopolitics, and economics. Here is a snapshot of some of the key takeaways and perspectives from the Forum.

4 Sessions From The Wharton Global Forum in Sydney You Need to Know About

During his “walk-and-talk” office hours, Prof. Kartik Hosanagar connects with students outside the classroom in a unique way. The influential researcher and entrepreneur trades insights and conversations with students on his daily walking commute.

How This Professor Goes the Extra Mile to Build Connections Inside and Outside the Classroom

In this Wharton Scale School workshop, our expert panel offers recommendations on how companies can address the challenges of multiple products and product managers.

Beyond the Core: How to Become a Multi-Product Company

“By working with great professors, I can see firsthand how it all works, what they do day-to-day, and model myself after them.”

PhD Student Talks About the Diverse Skill Set You Need to Become a Professor

“The advantage here is the access to excellent faculty and the fact that there is a department specializing in my field of interest. You have a tight group of top faculty and students within Wharton, but you can go outside and get other perspectives.”

Faculty Expertise in Housing Economics Attracted This PhD Student to Wharton

“Wharton is a good place for learning what it is to be an academic – a member of the finance and economics community – and what that entails. As you’re here longer, you’re working more with faculty, side by side.”

How Mentorship Enables the Transition from PhD Student to Research Colleague

“Resources are something that often PhD programs lack, but at Wharton it really enriches us and makes us better able to do research.”

This PhD Student Found the Resources and Expertise at Wharton to Conduct Ground-Breaking Research

“Accounting is a relatively small community, and people here are thought leaders. If you want to do research, Wharton is perfect. I can’t think of a better place.”

Why This PhD Student Thinks Wharton Is the “Perfect” Place to Do Research